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DGS-1210-16 routing issue



i want to route to vlans through my dlink switch with L3 features
my conf :
VLAN10 : (Gw dlink ip
VLAN30 : (Gw dlink ip

ex port 5 : in vlan10 + PVID 10
ex port 13 : vlan30 + PVID30

from port 5 (vlan10) i can ping the dlink gateway in the vlan 30 (, but i can't ping the endpoints in the vlan30
from the switch : i can ping all devices
from devices in vlan30 i can ping dlink GW (both side)

i have an ACL that allow all traffic for all ports
with debug info command, i can see mac and arp that are ok
when i do a tcpdump, i can see the icmp packet on the original VLAN and not routed on the destination VLAN

can you help me ?


in complement :
Firmware Version   7.11.b08
Hardware Version   G1


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