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DGS-1210-08P link is down when PoE is active

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I've ran into an issue, where I plug in UniFi AP-nanoHD into DGS-1210-08P (HW rev G1) and AP recieves power but link is down. However when i use included PoE injector from Ubiquity everything is ok (same port on switch, no additional configuration).
I'm quite new to managed switches and PoE thing so is there anything I should do in order to get link up?

Using PoE injector is not an option.

Unfortunately this is not a US model. I know with the early version (Legacy) NanoHD it used a different pinout and required using an injector or an Ubiquiti switch.  That would probably explain the AP getting power but data is not transmitting.  Try another cable and see if you get the same results. The latest version access point does say 802.3AF (10.5W) which the dlink switch supports but again if it was the first generation version it may have issues.

You may want to contact tech support in your region.

Tech Support Contact List  - http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=73829.0

I've missed one detail - somehow earlier I managed to get it working by applying several changes to VLANs in Switches settings and PoE settings (reducing and increasing power limits). Now, after a reboot of the AP, these things do not work.

Have you contact D-Link support?

Not yet, but I will give it a try on Monday if the problem isn't solved by then


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