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Hi All,

I have a DGS-1210-28P which is hardware version F1 and has some Layer 3 features.

I also have a DGS-1210-28, hardware version C1 which I purchased in May 2017 (has a Anatel sticker on it). but is lacking the Layer 3 features / menu.

Does anyone know when D-Link changed from version C1 to F for this model?

Thank you!


I will find out for you.  Are they both 28P or 28?

I got a response from D-Link:

DGS-1210-28P changed from Rev C1 to Rev F1 around September 2017. The new F1 version supports new features like static routing and surveillance mode, which the C1 does not.

Thanks for the reply and sorry for my slow response! I was more interested in the non-PoE version (DGS-1210-28). I got the DGS-1210-28P this year and it's running F1.

Thanks again!



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