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I posted something about this for the COVR-2200 however it differs a bit on the 1203.
Looking to find out what the expected behavior of the 1203 schedule enabled for WiFI, nothing highlighted with in the schedule, which from what I'm seeing, seems to not disable anything for the schedule. I applied the schedule to the wifi settings and I presume this would disable the wifi radios on the 1203? What i'm seeing is when I apply this to the WiFi, the radios are still broadcasting.

Now when I highlight all sections of the schedule, save and apply, the wifi radios are disabled and I don't see the SSIDs anymore however I see one signal, unnamed on the scanner. Channel 9 appears for a few minutes, then it seems to disappear then comes back. I looked at the mac address and it's B4:B2 and looking at the sticker on the Point A router, the Mac is B4:B0 so I presume this unnamed ssid is coming from the Point A router.

Can you post a screen shot of your schedule settings?

I will when I get home this evening. For now, I've tired with nothing selected in the schedule settings and with EVERYTHING selected in the settings. So if someone there wants to test this, just try both methods...

The dark BLUE unknown SSID signal on channel 9 is what I'm seeing from the COVR systems when schedule seems to be enabled and set to disable wifi.

This enables the WiFi SSID broadcast:

This disables the WiFi SSID broadcast


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