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Can't PING LAN side of router, but can PING the WAN side. Please Help!


I'm hoping someone knows how to fix this issue.  I have a DSR-250N router, hardware version B, and firmware version 3.12_WW.  This router is at a remote location and connects back to our main office.  The WAN port is statically configured with an IP address of and the default gateway points back to the router at our main office which has an IP of  The LAN side has a static IP of  DHCP is set to DHCP Relay with the gateway being the IP address of our DHCP sever,   Routing mode is set to Classical Routing.  There is only one VLAN on the router, and all ports are in this VLAN.  Remote Managment is turned on on the router. 

Here is the problem I'm having.  From computers at our main office, I can ping the WAN address of the router,, and I can remotely connect to the router using this address, but I cannot PING any of the devices on the LAN side of the router.  I can't PING the router's LAN address,, or any of the PCs that are connected to the router.  I need to be able to PING and remotely connect to devices on the LAN side of the router from a remote address, such as my office.  I'm not sure why it's not working.  Our main office's router can PING the WAN side of the router, but not the WAN side, and it has a static route to the subnet on the router.  It's like the DSR-250N is blocking external connections.  They can get out to, but we cannot get to them.  There are no firewall rules configured on the DSR-250N, so I don't know why external connections would be blocked.  Any ideas of what could be the problem?



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