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D-Link Portal no longer works with Safari 12

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We've been waiting on D-Link for a while now already Sir.  ::)

Users can use FF ESR v52.9 as a fall back. IE11 in Windows for now as well. Hoping that D-Link will make there items compatible for the future.  :o

Understand. That appears to be the case with a few other browsers as well, and looks to be the trend.

I've tried to find FF ESR v52, but no luck so far. The links I have found to download v52 actually bring down the current ESR version which doesn't support the plugin.

In the meantime, is there a method or an application that will directly access the camera's video? My cameras sit behind a D-Link router and are not connected to an NVR. If no other alternatives, the cameras I'm using are pretty much useless at the moment. As always, thanks in advance.

ESR 52 - https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/52.0esr/mac/en-US/

ESR 52 64-bit - http://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/52.0esr/
Make sure you turn off the browser auto-update.

Are you viewing from outside your home or only locally?   If you have a smartphone or ipad, download the mydlink Lite or mydlink app. Sign in with your current mydlink account info and your cameras will show up (no need to reinstall).

You can try the following URLs in a browser:

IPADDRESS = the IP address of your camera (if viewing from inside your local network, or your router's WAN/Internet IP address if viewing from outside.
The port number is set in the camera's web UI. If viewing from outside your network, you will have to create port forwarding rules in your router (open port to the local IP address of the camera).


GreenBay, thanks for the links to FireFox ESR 52, very helpful and allows me to keep viewing the cams on the Mac. I'll follow up on the direct access soon.


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