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DIR-619L wireless settings?


In a big warehouse, I have a main router DSR-250 to distribute the DHCP and installed with 7 units of DIR-619L with backbone internet cable connected.
set it all as AP mode in the same hidden SSID/PASS/SECURITY w/ different CHANNEL the AP mode did their jobs.
I can connect to the internet well on every location but just a few sec of intercept to let them switch to the stronger signals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
wich means each of DIR-619L can also detected other weak signals of DIR-619L.
so I tested other wireless mode like WDS+AP
I tried this mode same connected all DIR-619L with a backbone internet cable.
and set all the same SSID/PASS/SECURITY/CHANNELS.
and added each others DIR-619L's MAC address on the WDS configs.
but this setting craped out my wifi connectivity, can't even connect to wifi and hard accesss to the device it self using web browser it seems keep getting disconnected so I spent lot of time to turn them back to the AP mode.

so how do configure the WDS+AP mode? will it recommended to use as for a non-interval wifi connection?

I believe WDS needs a main point source wireless AP so you would need to set one 619L up as LAN to LAN AP and then try connecting the WDS mode on the other 619Ls maybe.

I would review the user manual for more information regarding this...

I did use the WDS+AP mode and input each other AP on the MAC list.
but after I'm doing this for the 4th or 5th device my whole AP connections start getting crap.
hard time to connect and log-in.


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