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Cam keep fail at binding

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Got this cam for around 5 months, everything was fine but occasionally having the issues that it got disconnected. Last night I got the same problem and I decided to remove and add it back to mydlink Android app, after removing, I couldn't add it back, it just stuck at binding and got time out. Need some advice on this. Thanks in advancd

Any status on this? Were you cable to get the camera working in the app?

It managed to work for 1 week after I leaving it alone for 1 day, but it's down again now. Based on the technical support, this cam only can setup via phone and not via pc. Tried LAN setup but it failed too

Do you have a Apple mobile device you can use to set up? Barrow a neighbor, friend for families Apple device by chance?

I have a iPhone 8Plus. So I will use the same mydlink app to setup again or should I use any other app for setup?


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