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Language Issue


Good Day,
I bought 3 5020L cameras on Amazon. When they arrived I discovered the instructions and labels were in Chinese. No big deal, or at least I thought. I already had an account with several cameras on it but when I tried to add the new cameras, I would get all the way to the last step of "adding cloud camera" and then get a BINDERR001 error. I could not find anything about this error in the forums. So I tried setting up a new account and adding the camera that way and it worked. But when I went to and log in, I am sent to a webpage that is in Chinese. I guess the cameras is sending data that it is a Chinese camera and so it sends me to the website in Chinese. Is there a way to change the base language in the cameras or should I just send them back? I can get to them using their IP address and that website is in English. Thanks for any help.

Unfortunately mydlink cameras are regional. The seller sold you cameras for the Chinese/Asian region. Where did you buy the cameras? Definitely return them.

Actually on the live view screen (the one after you log into the web UI), in the left column there is a language selector drop-down. Is English in there?

If you go to and log in, are these cameras showing up there?


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