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DIR-880L DHCP failure in Bridge mode?

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OK, DIR-880L has been set up as the only bridge in the lab.  All downstream clients have normal internet access.

Will see how long this setup can stay working...


The 880L bridge stayed working until 2 days ago, when all downstream clients got cut off from internet.  The 880L web interface was still responsive, but pings to the Netgear router were not returned.  I was able to restore operation by re-selecting the 5GHz SSID already in use then clicking save.  There was no need to power cycle the unit.

So it looks like this 880L unit worked in bridge mode for just under 3 weeks.  One day before I noticed the clients had no internet access, the box was still working normally as far as I could tell.

So what was the configuration used and what have you changed since posting last?

The change was all the DiR-868L bridges in the lab being powered down, leaving just a single DIR-880L bridge connecting over 5GHz to the Netgear router in the other lab.


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