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I have a d-link switch dgs 1210-10p and i am trying to settup something that envolves vlan trunk. I tried to do it but no results.
Does it support vlan trunk ? If so how can i set it up ?

Is there any information in the user manual for this?

You need to create the VLAN first from VLAN > 802.1Q VLAN and then click the VLAN and select it as "Tagged" on any of the ports. =)

This is what i am trying to do.

Believe me when i say that i tried so hard to do it but no good result. I can not implement the trunk.
1) I created vlan x and vlan y.
2) And then i tried to create a trunk between the both of them(x, y).

Still no result, because it says that i can not group ports with different vlan configuration.
So, what is the correct way to approach it ? If you could just show me how to do it, i would appreciate.
dlink switch dgs 1210-10p.

Please, help me.

Are you on the vlan setting page with radio buttons?

It should look like the image link below once configured, if port "10" is the trunk port. I think Vlan 1 can only be set to untagged or forbidden.



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