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Power over Ethernet?


A quick question - is this camera supposed to have PoE? The datasheet does not mention it:

On the other hand, the cable dongle that has the power AND the ethernet cables also has a sticker reminding to seal off one of the contacts that is not in use. The rubber seal can fit into the power contact, so this suggested that the power connector may be optional, leaving only the ethernet connector open.

Also, 2332L, on which this camera seems to be based, has PoE.

The reason I wonder - I mounted the camera so that I have access to the cables, and it's only 5m to the nearest unpowered switch. Should I replace it with a PoE-capable one and drop the power adapter near the camera?

If PoE is not mentioned in the specs, then it's not supporting of it.

In the end, I solved the PoE problem by using the pair of TP-Link injector TL-POE150S on one end and TP-Link splitter TL-POE10R on the camera's end. The included connector fits perfectly to the 2670L's power contact.

Enjoy.  ;)

The problem with this camera is, it is 5V only and no active PoE. You may use the power splitter, but the 5V is too low for long ethernet wires. Due to resistance of the wire and current needed by the camera, you will get too high voltage drops at more than a few meters of the ethernet cable. The camera should have at least 12V supply,not 5V, PoE at best.


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