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DCS-2330L CamCloud Issues


Does anyone use Cam Cloud? I have one cam hooked up to it but it wont let me add a 2nd. I keep getting an error about port forwarding..I didn't have any issues with other cam. Help?1?

I am not familiar with Cam Cloud but as with most monitoring software, you have to assign different HTTP and RTSP ports to each camera and make separate port forwarding rules.

Log in to each camera's web UI. Go to Setup > Network Setup. Change the HTTP and RTSP ports (between 1024 and 65535). So camera 1 could be 2000 for http and 2001 for RTSP. Camera 2 is 2002 and 2003, etc.

Pages 49-50 - ftp://ftp2.dlink.com/PRODUCTS/DCS-2332L/REVA/DCS-2332L_MANUAL_1.10_EN.PDF



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