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Link Aggregation between three switchs



I have two DGS-1210-52 switch connected with LACP. If I'm going to buy a third (DGS-1210-52P) switch. How should I connect the other two?

This "shema" is correct?


How about:

--- Code: ---...Swi|tch 1                Switch 2                Switch 3                Swi|tch 1...
      |      p42 =LACP= p40          p42 =LACP= p40          p42 =LACP= p40    |
      |      p43 =LACP= p41          p43 =LACP= p41          p43 =LACP= p41    |

Plus RSTP...

--- End code ---

Its what I had thought of doing between my leaf switches (only have a single DGS-1210 as my core switch)... except the (other)-Link switches don't do STP...and only static LAG.

Strange that on my DGS-1210, I had to enable LBD, in order to disable it on the ports, before I could setup the LAGs  The leaf switches have an LBD feature, but no per port configuration...and its only port based.


is it possible to tag Vlan on a lacp trunk  ?


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