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DNR-202L supported for DCS-8525LH?


So I was shocked to find out there isn't a web UI on this camera. I didn't see it on the product description when I was looking to purchase a new camera and was expecting the DCS-8525LH to be like my DCS-5030L to setup. Having gone through the smartphone setup I don't see any way to add it to my DNR-202L. Is this not possible?

Unfortunately, this camera isn't supported on the 202L:

Perhaps you can try adding it using one of the preset models built in to the DNR using a web browser and adding the camera using the DNRs web page configuration.

The newer cameras (DCS-8xxxLH) are not compatible with NVRs.  I emailed the project manager to see if there are plans for NVR support.

Thank you for that fast responses. I guess that I thought that the new camera would still be backwards compatible. I'll have to rethink how I will have my setup now. Luckily there are still a lot of the older cameras around. I may have to stick with the older generations.

The 936L and 960L are working fine...


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