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Only 2 events? Any work around?


I want my 2330L to sent me an e-mail with video clip and also record to SD when it detects motion.  Problem is, the Motion and PIR are two different triggers.  Thus, I need 4 events, but this camera is limited to only TWO??  I mean, that doesn't even cover all the possible triggers (there are 6 of them). 

I've also determined that these triggers are two different things (on my 2630L it seems they are both reported as motion), and only the event setup in the camera itself can act on the PIR detection.  A PIR detection only is NOT recognized by the MyDlink app, nor by the DNR-202L (network video recorder).

Do you think you need motion detection by both vectors?  I get the value of a belt-and-suspenders approach, but you'll find that whatever you point your camera at will work better with one or the other, and you can just skip whichever is worse. 

I just think it's a little dysfunctional that they are two different triggers.  My indoor camera has both, but they both feed into the single "motion detected" signal.  And the separate PIR signal from this outdoor camera isn't recognized by the phone app or the NVR, so it seems kind of useless.  That plus, with 2 signals, and only 2 events, I can't have the camera monitor both and send me an e-mail AND record on SD for either one. 

I think 2 events is kind of dumb when there are like 5 triggers.  I mean, if I do one for record and one for e-mail, then I can't do things like notify me of other triggers it's capable of such as:  Network lost, sound detection, reboot, etc


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