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Some Detail that I missed


Hi, I have a D-Link wireless adpater.

It works fine, but when my computer starts, the default connection to internet seems to be taking a route other than the D-link adpater and says that connection fails, and then it retries again with the right path i guess, and the connection starts.

I would like My computer to connect right away with D-link so that I don't get a message and sound that connection failed.


What is the model# of the adapter?
What is the Mfr and model of the main host router?
What OS are you using on the PC?

Do you have a wired cable connected to the PC?

Adapter Model : DWA-182C1
Main Host Mfr : (didn't find it, how important is it ?)
Main Host Model : EMG2926-Q10A

There is no ethernet cable plugged in the computer.
But there was before I used the D-Link Adapter.
It's like my computer tries to connect through a cable first, and then when it can't, it connects through the D-Link device.

Disable the ethernet adapter card on the PC. Leaving the DWA adapter enabled and see what happens?

Is this your router?

Helps to know what the DWA is connecting to for troubleshooting purposes.


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