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I have 4 phones on VOIP their IP are DHCP adresses. 
The Dlink is connected 100meg half duplex to a fiber router
My internet access is a fiber link 10meg up and 10meg down

My link 10 meg is regulary 100% used and phone are unusables.

How can i set QOS for preserving the voice quality ?  On ports on IP ??   

I made : Network / traffic management
then bandwith profil , where i have created  a plocicy 'phone out'   (outband/prority/dedicated/high)
Thren created services in traffic shapping menu on SIP TCP and SIP UDP protocols
Activated also Bride profiles

But i'm lost ....


Thanks for your help

You can try the following.

-Create a Customer Service-
name: SIP-Both
Source Port Start: 1
Source Port End: 65535
Destination Port Start: 5060
Destination Port End: 5060

Create a Bandwidth Profile-
name: OutboundForSip
Policy Type: outbound
WAN interface: Dedicated WAN
Profile Type: Rate (or Priority)
Min. Band Rate: 1
Max. Band Rate: 2000

-Create a new Traffic Selector-
Available Profile: OutboundForSip
Service: SIP-Both
Traffic Selector Match Type: IP
IP address: (which ever the IP/network of phones)
Subnet Mask:

great, just when i go in "Bridge Trafic Selectors" , in the dropdown list i have nothing.
Custom service and bandwith profile are created with parameters you gave, no trouble on this part.

I will have to do this 4 times for the 4 phones ?

Just make sure your DSR-1000AC is updated to the latest firmware version followed by a factory reset. Please try again with a different web-browser.

Yes this should work for all phones using SIP protocol in the network of 192.168.10.X with mask If it was for a single device then it would be set 192.168.10.X with mask

My firmware is 3.11_WW ,

i created the Bandwidth Profile- in BRIDGE bandwidth instead of bandwidth profile then i was able to select it in dropdown menu .

how can i monitor if it works ?   

The Phone quality is still bad.

Thanks for your help .



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