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How to get live stream for DCS-4603

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I recently purchased a DCS-4603.  I can log into it via web browser and see the live view.  I want to allow people to view the live stream through their web browser without having to enter a username and password.  I don't see much documentation on this when setting it up so was wondering if anyone knew how to do it. I'm not having any luck.  Thanks

I do not know for sure but try:



Thanks for the response.  I had played with something similar before posting, using http://IPADDRESS/stream1.mjpeg but it asks to open or download.  If I choose open, it starts downloading something anyway.  We have a couple other D Link cameras that are not HD and all we use to access them is put aview.htm at the end of the IP.  This makes sense as it is really a webpage people are accessing.  Not sure why it doesn't work as easily on this model.  Still looking for suggestions if anyone has them.

Since this a "business class" camera they may have made it more difficult to access (for security reasons).

I tested with the DCS-4703 (same family camera) and could not make it work. I changed the HTTP port to 8000 and RTSP to 8001 in the camera, then on my router I port forwarded it to the camera. No luck. I will ask a tech to help out with this today.

I tried most of the commands from this list --> http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=59172.0

Tested again using http://IPADDRESS:PORT/video1.mjpeg and it worked but it did ask for username and password.  Chrome and firefox worked normal, IE 11 got the irritating open or download message and never would display the video feed.

You could create a new user and password (keep it simple) and use this:


I will have a tech find out if it is possible without the username and password. We may not get an answer til next week but I will post as soon as I get the info.


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