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Direct web interface address and rtsp / ffmpeg stream details


Hi guys,

I've just bought the 8100LH to integrate into my security system, and was hoping to identity a couple of things. Can anyone tell me what the url is for the web interface (settings like the DCS-2136L), and also what the rtsp or ffmpeg stream url is, to connect via iSpyconnect?

I expect it's something like:
http://username:password@ipaddress/stream.asf or
rtsp://username:password@ipaddress/video.asf or similar ... can anyone shed any light on the stream url?

Thanks in advance

There is no web UI with this camera (or any DCS-8xxxLH camera).

I do not have this camera (since it is not sold in the US) to try the URLs but it should be the same as the DCS-8000LH. I will have to research or another forum user will answer.

RTSP/Stream URLs for the 8000LH. Let us know if these work for the 8100LH:


Yes, it works.
Maybe someone builds an Website you can local start.
It's a pain having no gui!


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