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Devices seen but sometimes not bridged

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Hope the new FW will help fix this...Let us know how it goes.

So I've been running 1.04 and it certainly works to solve the DHCP bridge issue.

However, I've realized that periodically, it'll still cut bridging after some uptime. Continually pinging the router will result in drops for a few minutes, enough to cause all the network connections on applications on a device to panic and throw errors. Really bad for real-time online gaming. When some family medical stuff gets settled, I'll hopefully get enough time to write up some code to log, track, and analyze when and how often this happens.

Are you still using the Apple Airport router?

No, my router is now a Intel-based pfSense box using dual Realtek GigE cards.

Has a reset been performed on the DAP since the FW update and setup from scratch?

Has the DAP been working ok since the update?


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