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can no longer connect to my device


Hello all,
I did a firmware update on my DAP-2360 today and all went fine.

The only thing that was strange was that I was not able to change the devices IP address and could not switch from
static to dhcp straigt away. I took serveral cycles to get anything done.
Well finally I seemd to have the IP change the way I wanted I to be. But no, after reboot I could not connect ot the accesspoint anymore.

So I did a reset and tried again with the default adress But no success. The AP seems to run normally. Al lights are lit as usual and the device
propagates  the open SSID "dlink". There must just be something wrong with the given IP-adress. Why is it not reset as expected?

Is there an emergency procedure to get acces to the accesspoint ? If yes, how do I get to it?
Holding down the reset button while powing up the revice results in a red flashing of the power led.
I read about this beeing the indicator for the emergency mode.

Can anybody help here?

My HardWware-Version: A1

Would be sad to throw the device away  :'(

Thanks in advance

Any status on this? Sorry to not find this sooner.


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