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Below are some links to FAQs about the mydlink app.

App Compatibility:
[*] What are the requirements for the mydlink app?
[*] What devices are supported/not supported?
[*] Do I have to reinstall my devices if already used in mydlink Lite? Spoiler: No
[*] What is the difference between this app and mydlink Lite app?

Basic Configuration:
[*] How do I add a device?
[*] How do I remove a device from my account?

Advanced Configuration:
[*] Set up motion detection
[*] Set up sound detection
[*] How to add/remove cameras and shortcuts from the dashboard (home screen)
[*] Enable/disable push notifications
[*] Create a schedule
[*] Set up Automation
[*] Set up One-Tap
[*] Format SD Card
[*] Turn LED on/off

Cloud Recording:
[*] Subscription FAQs
[*] Lots of general cloud recording FAQs
[*] What cameras offer cloud recording?
[*] Can I record continuous video to the mydlink cloud
[*] How do I enable cloud recording for my camera
[*] How do I record video to the mydlink cloud
[*] How do I view and save videos
[*] How long are favorite videos saved?

[*] Why can't I access the web UI after installing my camera using the mydlink app?[/list]


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