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1510-28P Stack - Different Firmware???


Hi all,
We have a business customer that we configured a stack of these switches for. I initially configured the stack with the newest firmware 1.40.xxx. We had to replace a switch and add 2 more to the stack. Now we have 6 switches in the stack. Interestingly, there are 2 switches with 1.40.xxx and the rest are 1.30.007. I was under the impression that the stack would propagate the newer firmware to all switches in the stack. Evidently not. I have researched the web and this forum and see nothing about this issue. I just want to confirm that I can do a firmware upgrade and this will be solved. I have never seen this before. Until all switches are on the 1.40.xxx firmware, I cannot make SSL work unless I use an old browser or ... just spit-up in my mouth, MS Edge. I have upgraded a 2 switch stack to this firmware with no issue but with differing firmware I thought it best to ask the experts.

I would review the user manual and support web site for FW update options and processes. IF there is FW available for manual loading, then i presume that yes, you can manually load FW. I would use IE11 or FF browsers for doing any FW updates.

I recommend that you phone contact your regional D-Link support office and ask for help and information regarding this. We find that phone contact has better immediate results over using email. USA support and chat 24/7 as well.  ;)
Let us know how it goes please.


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