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DCS-4622 audio with static noise


Hi. Trying to configure image and audio capture from DCS-4622 via DCS100 V4.1.1. Video stream is working like it should, but I'm experiencing problems with audio stream. All I can hear is static audio noise. Solution to disable mic is not acceptable because it is very important to capture audio. On cam's web GUI's Sound Detection menu section I can see that mic is working, graph is filling with bars when I try to make some sound near camera. Also export to FTP server, or to NAS device works as suspected, all exported files contains normal audio stream (without noise). Anyone has any idea regarding this issue?


This resolved issue https://dtrack.dlink.com.tw/file/case/DGC20171206000004/2/1/D-ViewCam_Device_Pack_V2.2.15_20171215(1220135210).zip

Glad it works. Enjoy.  ;)


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