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How to Disable Remote Management for Dlink DIR-600M

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Roni Saha:
Hello Dlink Team,
    I have a Dlink DIR-600M home router. It came with remote management enabled by default. But I want to turn off the remote management. Nd there is no way to do that. Pls help me...My Hardware version C1, Firmware version- 3.04...nd I am from India.


I would look into the UI for either Tools, Advanced or Maintenance menus for remote management features that should be seen. Like a check box to disable it.
Review the user manual as well for any information regarding this...

Roni Saha:
No info's in the manual...There is no button for turn off the remote management..I checked all the tab.. Advance, there any other way to do it?

Roni Saha:

Firmware 3.05B01 fixed several security issues. I believe this disabled remote management but does not state it in the release notes.



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