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possible to turn 810L into wifi adapter for laptop

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You'll need to look at WRTs web site information on wireless bridging and where to configure that. They should all info on all of that.

its possible that i didn't explain things properly, i want to turn the thing into a external wifi adapter, to use to connect to networks with in place of the one that broke in my laptop.

I know i can go out and buy usb ones, i had one for my desktop computer by tplink which i sold with the computer, as my laptop doesn't have many usb ports I would like to use the ethernet port, and the router seems like a good way of making use of it.

Wireless bridging with the 810L if WRT supports it will be the only option you have to use it like an adapter. The laptop would need to be connected via it's LAN cable to the back of the 810L while in bridge mode. WIreless bridge mode is similar to having a USB adapter in that the 810L would connect to any wireless SSID name and PW. Then any LAN cable connections get the traffic passed to the connected devices.

I brought out my 810L with DD-WRT loaded on it.

I see the following modes,
AP, Clent, AdHOC, Repeater and Repeater Bridge. I presume that Client mode maybe the one your looking for. Found under the wireless tab.


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