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My DCS-935L getting me be crazy !

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I get 3 DCS-935L last year.
I did not get them really work as i wish.
1 of them has been stolen , so now got 2  >:(

Now, I cannot set correct time and date, after each reset, return to 2016 year, i do not understand why .  >:(
I will ask me , why do i reset them ?, because, they lost wifi signal after several hours of working, so i had to set automatic reset each day  ::)

First, is there any firmware wich work correctly , with them ?  ;D

Actual firmware : v1.10.01
Version : A1
Agent : 2.1.0-b45
DNS : google
PPOE none
uPnP none

Wifi : infra

Thanks for any kind of reply ....


* What region are you located?
What Mfr and model is the main host router?
What wireless modes are you using?

I recommend setting a static IP address ON the cameras outside of the main host routers default DHCP IP address pool as a troubleshooting step: 192.168.#.10 and .11  DHCP

Test cameras with uPnP and uPnP Port Forwarding both enabled on ALL cameras: DCS Cloud (L) Series Camera Configuration and Mydlink.com

Main router is : ZYXEL AMG1312-T10B
Region is : France (EUROPE) and set to "(GMT +01:00) Bruxelles, Copenhague, Madrid, Paris"

Also , trying seting time by NTP server fail , stay at 2016/11/28 , don't really understand why  :o

Already set on IP STATIC :
If i understand what you mean, i have to set IP by my router , and not directly to my camera ?

and now, with UpnP fowarding, should i change default port value ?

Best regards

What is the ISP modem Mfr and model?

If you have uPnP and uPnP Port Forwarding enabled on both cameras, theres no need to change default settings on the cameras. uPnP will handle all of this automatically.


--- Quote from: FurryNutz on August 09, 2017, 08:47:01 AM ---What is the ISP modem Mfr and model?

--- End quote ---

ISP Modem is router : ZYXEL AMG1312-T10B .
Model : AMG1312-T10B
ISP  is Orange (French ISP)



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