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MultiSSID stops broadcasting when put on schedule


Anyone have experience With this ?

I have enabled Multi-SSID on my access point, and all of them broadcast themself. Once i try to set a schedule on them they stop broadcasting.
I gave the schedule a name , choose the correct index and verified that the correct SSID shows up. I select the right day and even if i choose All Day(s) or enten correct time slot the SSID does not broadcast.

If i remove the Schedule , it starts broadcasting again.

I have checked that the time/date on the ap is correct.

Some extra information. This happens running 1.20 firmware. After downgrading to 1.17 the problem is not longer there!

Just tested this in my lab. Not seeing the issue.

My steps:
-Factory reset and updated firmware to 1.20.
-enabled MultiSSID
-Created 5 and 2.4 ghz SSIDs on the primary.
-Enabled and Set a schedule for 2.4 and 5.0.

Before retesting, make sure to factory reset and re-configure only these settings.


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