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Hi there,

I have a DSG-1510-28X (Build 1.33.B001) HW version A1 and I'm interested in doing some routing.
First of I want to be able to do inter VLAN routing but can't really get that to work. The switch itself can reach any client connected to it. SVI's don't do any help. I can reach SVI's from clients from any VLAN, but it stops there.
Adding a default route works but only for the switch again. Clients are locked inside their vlan/network.
So I've tried static routes, can't get that to work. I'd love to see some examples in this switch.
Tried static&default routes on clients, no cigar.

I'll mention I'm using trunks, but that shouldn't matter?

Someone said something about loopback interfaces for this switch but I can't really find a way to add that to a VLAN or SVI.

Kinda sucks since a lot of retailer advertise this being a L3 switch with inter VLAN routing.

I'd appreciate any help!


do you have find a solution ?
i have the same issue with a DGS1210  :(

Have you looked at the user manual on this? Anything regarding VLAN configurations?

--- Quote from: patl on December 23, 2018, 06:44:31 AM ---hi,

do you have find a solution ?
i have the same issue with a DGS1210  :(

--- End quote ---

DGS-1210 not have default routing, but have L3 features !!??!! each vlan can i have an ip address but not routing inter vlan
DGS-1510 have default routing and it's working with this model
configuration on a 1510 is more pro than a 1210, and i prefer that  :D


* DGS-1510: According to this configuration example DGS-1510 should do routing.
* DGS-1210: L3 features seem to be implemented only for REVF. Here is what the datasheet (DGS-1210-SERIES_REVF_DATASHEET_2.10_EN_US.pdf) says about routing within the "Advanced Features" section:

--- Quote ---The DGS-1210 Series also supports advanced features such as static routing, With static routing, IP routes are manually entered into a routing table, which allows for communication between different user groups in different VLAN segments in a network. The switch can directly handle inter VLAN routing using multiple interfaces, making the network run faster and more efficiently. Because the switches can manage internal routing, the network router can be assigned to handle external traffic routing only.
--- End quote ---

But maybe the present firmware version can't keep that promise. Hence, you could try the latest BETA release (v6.11B022_BETA, see release notes).


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