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Precise EIRP (AP tx power) setup



In AP configuration menu, when it comes to setting up EIRP (AP output/tx power) this setting allows for choosing % only, not specific units in dBm or mW.

1. What does 100% mean? Is it max allowed AP transmit power for a given regulatory domain?
2. How specific channel configured on AP influences given % of AP power? For example, channels from 36 to 48 (5150-5250 MHz) allow for max regulatory power of 23dBm (200mW), while channels from 100 to 140 (5470-5725 MHz) allow for max power of 30dBm (1000mW).
3. What is EIRP for each AP when I have set 40% and some APs are in 36-48 channels and others are in 100-140 channel range?
4. To which power unit this % applies to? For example, 10% setting for channel 36 means 2,3dBm or 20mW? dBm are logarithmic not linear so 4,6dBm (20%) is NOT 40mW.

I recommend that you phone contact your regional D-Link support office and ask for help and information regarding this. We find that phone contact has better immediate results over using email.
Let us know how it goes please.


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