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DGS-3100-24 unresponsive after firmware upgrade

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Ok, if it's not pulling an IP then I presume the switch is in a bad state. How bad I don't know. Seems like you could take this up with support and see if they can help. I see that support ended on this 1/1/2017 though.  :-\

I would start with email support. I presume phone would be best however not sure how far you'll get being discontinued. Worth a try.

I don't know if there is any recovery modes on switched like routers.

Yeah, I suspect that the switch is probably bricked. I haven't dealt as much specifically with D-Link switches, but I know it generally doesn't end well if a firmware upgrade goes wrong for just about any kind of device. I guess that's what I get for trying to fix something that wasn't broken.   >:(

I tried putting in an email support request. If I get something helpful from that, I'll post the results here. I might get lucky and find out there's some kind of recovery mode (I've dealt with some Cisco routers before that have recovery modes for stuff like this, but then this is neither a Cisco device nor a router, so it's a completely different situation).

Otherwise, I'll probably just trash the switch. Thankfully, it won't be a big loss since I bought it used really cheap from a business that was closing down and selling off all their stuff. Thanks for the input.

Ok, let us know. Hope something might come up lucky for you.



Got a reply. Turns out I had a dumb moment and installed firmware for the wrong hardware version of the switch. My switch is hardware version A1, and the firmware I installed was for hardware version Bx. Same switch, but different hardware version. First things support asked me to do were confirm where I downloaded the firmware and double-check my hardware version. They sent me a link to the support page for the correct hardware version of my switch, and it dawned on me when I checked there.

I'm guessing the web UI probably allowed me do it since it was technically the same model switch, but then when it tried to boot with the new image, that was it.

Might still find out there's some way to recover from that, but I'm not holding my breath. Most likely, I've bricked it. I'll post another update if I hear anything else.

Eeeks, Ok, thanks for letting us know. Hope maybe they can get it recovered.


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