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No Longer Able To Send Alert Pics To My Gmail Account

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I'm no longer able to send my alert pics to my Gmail account.  This is just like the problems described in

 DViewCam Email Stops on Windows 10

Try using NetZero as a Gmail workaround.  NetZero must not have yet implemented the same security feature that Gmail is using.  I created a NetZero account.  Now I'm able to sign into NetZero to email my alert pics to my Gmail account.

I'm using:

 SMTP Server
 Port 465
 E-Mail Sender (my Gmail address)
 Check SMTP server needs authentification
 Check SSL
 User Account (my NetZero e-mail address)
 Password (my NetZero e-mail password).

Please let me know when D-ViewCam corrects their Gmail interface.


What version of DVC are you using?

I'm using DVC version 4.1.1

Does NetZero have free email accounts?

NetZero e-mail is still free


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