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Advice on a reasonable UPS for the DNS-327L


Hi All

I am considering a UPS for my DNS-327L to protect it for voltage spikes and brownouts which we seem to be getting more of, full power cuts aren't a great issue so I don't need a very large battery.

I have been looking at the APC Back-UPS 700VA. Perhaps this is over the top but has good reviews and has protected network ports as well as a USB port to connect to the DNS-327L. Does anyone have any thoughts on this and / or can recommend something else?

The manual for the server is a bit light on the UPS capabilities other than how to connect it via network or USB, can the server power down if instructed by the UPS?

Thanks for any advice.

I have a older APC UPS connected. Just for power. Its got my DNS, main host router, ISP modem and main host switch connected to the UPS. Handles about 30 minutes. I thing time is a factor on how much time you need for back up in case something goes out.

Do you know if the DNS-327L can be set to auto shutdown if plugged into the UPS? I know some of the more expensive APC ones come with both network and usb connections and software that can auto shutdown but this wouldn't work on the server as it needs to be installed on a linux or windows pc.

Thanks for any advice.

Might review the user manual or web site specs to see if this one handles UPS. I presume if it does, it may support it.
Reminds me that i have to go setup a 327L for a friend of mine soon.  ::)


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