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Transfer files from DNS-320 and DNS-327L?

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Thank you for sharing so many good pieces of advice and so much information on this forum ;). However, I have searched a lot of topics and I cannot find a simple answer to my question.

I own a DNS-320 with 2x2TB RAID1 WD HDD and I am replacing it with a newly acquired DNS-327L with 2x4TB RAID1 WD HDD. Both NAS will be on my home network connected by wire to my Freebox Revolution Router.

I would like to transfer my files from my older DNS-320 to the new one. What would be the quickest solution?



* What Hardware version is your DNS? Look at the sticker behind or under the device.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the DNSs web page under status.
* What region are you located?
I recommend installing a external Gb LAN network switch and connect both DNS and a PC to the switch. Connect one cable from the main host router to the switch as well for internet and router IP address access.
Made in 8 port as well if you want more ports.

Does the DNS have a explorer UI or do you use the PC's explorer to copy files. Either way, I presume you'll need to do the copy and let it go over night. Might start with a small batch of files to make sure they copy first, then go for the next batch or entire lot.

Hi FurryNutz,

Thank you for your reply. I am located in France.

DNS-320 is on 2.05 Firmware as for DNS-327L it seems to be on 1.05 just out of the box. I was planning on upgrading DNS-327L to the lastest one v1.07 as soon as it is set up.

THe Freebox Revolution router has already 4 ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T ports. Would a DGS-105 between the 2 NAS be faster?

For the file transfer, I was going to do it from the DNS Explorer UI or in FTP but I was wondering if there were some other quicker trick, like:
- mounting one of the DNS-320 2TB drive has a second volume one the DNS-327L. Copyinf the files to the new 4TB drive and then installing the 2nd 4TB drive and making a RAID1.
- Or maybe mounting one of the old 2TB as an external drive plugged into the DNS-327L in USB?

Getting them connected on a external Gb switch would be best to avoid any router interferences during the copy process.

No, you can't mount the drive from the 320 in the 327. Do not attempt this.  :o

USB will be a bottle neck on speed. Best way is using the Gb switch. You can try a couple of small tests using the DNS UI or Windows Explorer to see. See which one works best. Then go from there.

Hi FurryNutz,

Thank you for the advice. I received my DGS-105 today and wow it makes a hell of a difference. I first gave it a try with both NAS connected to the router of the Freebox, using the "local backup" app and I got a mere 15MB/s transfer rate. With both NAS connected to the DGS-105 (and some new RJ45 CAT6 cables), I get 850MB/s transfer rate. This is brilliant!!!



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