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New - DNS-327L Firmware Version 1.07 B06 Update - Comments & Observations

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D-Link posted DNS-327L firmware version 1.07 B06, which can be downloaded here: DNS-327L - Firmware v1.07 B06 Download.

Problems Resolved:
1. [Google Drive] Fix user cannot get the account authentication key issue.
2. [Google Drive] Fix the permission issue changed to read only after files and folders removal and re-sync from cloud storage.
3. [Local Backup] Fix the data permission change after local backup which cause data cannot be deleted via network share folder
4. [SAMBA] Fix the network share folders conflict issue with certain Russia characters.
5. [SSH] Fix the SSH service doesn’t retrieve after system reboot or the scan disk process.
6. [DLNA] Fix user still can see video files existed on 3rd party Mobile APP after the files removal.

1. System security enhancement by GNU C Library upgrade and XSS patch.
2. My Photo URL security enhancement
3. Update CGI command for mydlink Access-NAS Mobile APP

[*]DNS-327L - Firmware Release Notes
[*]DNS ShareCenter - How to Upgrade ShareCenter Firmware
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Important Posts & Information
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Beta Firmware Terms and Conditions


Please post your comments and observations as a reply to this thread.

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Very happy with this new FW, v. 1.07B06 is very good, solid read and write speeds (100-115MB/s Read / 60-70MB/s write), also noticed Web interface is more compatible with Chrome browser.

Also, Plex Addon (v1.18) is working flawlessly, fast response in my Smart TV client.


Hi All

I can't think why this would be the case but after I have updated my DNS-327L to the 1.07 firmware I cannot log into my server from outside my network using my dlinkDDNS address. I  have checked the DDNS address and link on my server and from the link DDNS page and it is all linking to the right place. I can put my homes IP address in and it routes me to my server login page but my dlinkDDNS address doesn't work, or it randomly links to one of my security cameras login screens. I have checked my router and it the port forwarding hasn't changes, they haven't changed the port range in this update have they?

Thanks in advance.

You might turn off ALL other cameras temporarily and see if you can gain access to the DNS. Sounds like maybe something on the router isn't routing correctly?

Might do a save config to file of the DNS, then do a factory reset and set it up from scratch...

Good idea, Ill try shutting them down tonight and seeing if it gets through. I might try clearing and re-adding all my port forwarding settings in the router and then as you say as my last port of call i will reset and reconfigure the server. Luckily I keep backups of my backups of my backups!

Would you be able to share what ports you are forwarding in case i have missed something.

I have 80, 81, 443 and 441.


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