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VLANs maximum limit ?

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I have 5 VLANs, and when I'm trying to create another one, I am getting "VLANs count reached to maximuum limit"

Is this "enterprise" VLAN-capable router limited to only 4 + 1 default VLAN in total ??

Nothing about it in the manual or else out there. Though, main manual says, that I can enter number between 1 and 4096 (802.1Q limit) when creating VLAN IDs.
Tried to do it via CLI as well (whose latest manual is BTW not even updated with vlan-commands) - same results!

HW: A1
Firmware: 1.09B32_WW (latest)

I would presume if there's nothing listed in the user manual, you might want to phone contact D-Link support. I don't have any experience with his unit. Support should know. Let us know if you find out anything.

Have been corresponding with Dlink EMEA support. The final resolution is apparently as follows:
The 4+1 VLAN limitation is BY DESIGN from the developers side...And it effects all the DSR-series routers incl. DSR-1000N at a price of some 300!

Pretty ridiculous in my opinion as it's a so-called SOHO/SMB router! The most ridiculous is that it boasts with port-VLAN capability on all the specs AND has a 8-port switch built-in, but limited to 4 VLANs. Worst of all - there's absolutely NOTHING in either their (even latest) manuals or datasheets and of course not marketing brochures about the this VLAN-limitation. >:(
Talked to the reseller as well - apparently, it's common thing (among Dlink at least) not to write anything about the VLAN-limitation. It's like having Wi-Fi advertised with all sorts of blows and whistles and a huge (theoretical) throughput, but.....a hidden limitation of wi-fi-clients to 4....

BTW - the very latest firmware tried was 2.11 - don' think it's smth. Dlink would bother to fix as it's "by design"......

Thenks for posting the feed back. Maybe this model DSR isn't best suited for you is all. You would be wise to review and ask about other routers that have more capable VLAN support for your needs. Not all SOHO routers support the configuration that you need. I find it better to review and ask questions before buying. You may need a more robust enterprise class router or a external network switch that has VLAN capabilities and can handle more than 4 VLANs. You might ask D-Link about this. 

Good Luck.

I don't think that asking for more than 4 VLANS on a so-called enterprise router at a cost of 200-300 is excessive. And as I mentioned before, there's NOTHING about this VLAN limitation either in the Dlink documentation nor when I ask the support. In fact, the DLink EMEA-support thought it was a bug and should be like that in the first place and advised me to upgrade to the latest firmware. And I actually did my homework, I researched the router before I bought it through various reviews and forums - even now - non of the English-speaking forums mention anything about the VLAN-limitation of the any DSR-series routers.
I find this limitation very odd as even some <100$ smart switches (e.g. Netgear and TP-link) are more than capable of managing way more VLANs than DLINK, which again, although it's a router, cost 3 times more.
Looks like smth. that has been impemented as a quick hack in order to compensate for some other already advertised funcionality to me. And boasting with the ability to support up to 65 VPN-tunnels, but limit the VLAN to 4, which is less than those 8 ports available, just proves my point.


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