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Can I use DNR-312L on a WiFi Extender


I currently have my DNR-312L connected to my Linksys 1900AC router.  My concern is simply that my computer isn't conveniently located where I want to setup my 312L with HDMI display PLUS, someone could just steal the 312L and have my videos.

What I'd like to do, is to run my 312L, from another location, using a wireless wifi extender.  So it would be like this:

PC --> LinkSys1900AC -wired-> DNR312L

What I would like

PC --> LinkSys1900AC -----------------wireless------------------------->Extender --> DNR312L

Anyone know if this is possible?  Is an extender completely transparent, or is there some special login that's required?
Will any extender work with any router, provided they are on same freq band?


Can be done using a wireless bridge. You could get another WRT1900AC and configure it for wireless bridge mode. Then connect the 312L to the back of the WRT in wireless bridge mode. Would be similar to this: Suggested N or AC WiFi Bridge Upgrade
Where the 312L would be in place of the xbox console.  ;)

The 1900AC is much more expensive than a simple extender with single Ethernet port. $200+ vs $30

But then I might have a bandwidth limitation. Cheaper extenders have slower transmission. I'll have to investigate this further.

You'd be better off getting a match for the WRT and let the wireless connect at the 1300Mb max AC rate so you have good performance with the 312L connected. Ya, extenders are not known for good performances. Besides, I know you can probably find a used WRT for sale on flebay or Amazon for way cheaper then 200. I got mine from a forum user for $120.


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