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New - DIR-885L FW v1.10 Build 01 - Official Release - NA Region!


Get it here:
Let us know how it works for you...

Seeing slow speeds tests when QoS is used: 100/3 ISP
With something in QoS

Nothing in QOS

I saw this on v1.00 as well.
Tested with as well.
Also seen on Mac Mini OX 10.10.5 wireless.
Tested all 3 different QoS sections.

Wired PC is a Windows 7x64 Nvidia Gb NIC.

Saw bad IP address acquire behavior after removing the PC from QOS and rebooting. NiC failed to gain an IP address on it's own. I have to use Windows diagnostics to reset and get the NIC working again.

DIR-890L results: v1.09
Something in QoS:

Windows 7x64 wired speed test pc in High section

No QoS used:



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