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Hi All

Current 1.06 Firmware.

I might be paranoid but the fan on my share centre doesn't appear to be kicking in properly and I wondered if anyone else had this issue or knew if there was a settings file somewhere to change the threshold at which the fan switches between; Off, Low and High?

I was monitoring my Share centre as I was having some OwnCloud issues and I noticed that the system temperature was at 51'C and the fan was still set to Off. I have always had it set to Auto (Off/Low/High). The room temperature is about 17-18'C. The only change I have made is to add a second hard drive in RAID 1 which I understand restricts the airflow but I assumed the auto setting would compensate and just run the fan more.

The system temperature threshold is 61'C. I assume this is a thermal cut off rather than the point the fan kicks in (this is the default value). I would have thought at 51'C that the fan would come on? and this wasn't under any great loading.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in Advance

First, any SATA drive that gets above 50C is heading for trouble.

Does the fan turn on at all, try the 'On' setting.  It may be that the fan has a problem starting.  There are many things starting from dust to dry bearings that can prevent the fan running.

If the fan runs easily on the 'On' setting (instant start full speed etc.) then you may have to adjust settings.

HI ivan

It does appear to run ok when I set it to Auto (Low/High) at Low it runs at circa 3000RPM and keeps it all happy at 31'C idle and up to 40'C at load. When manually set to high it spins up to circa 3800RPM.

I am quite happy to leave it on Auto (Low/High) and accept i may have to splash out 5 at some point to replace the 40mm fan rather that 100's on new drives etc. It is just strange that it doesn't appear to be able to adjust the fan ratio itself dependant on temperature anymore, considering it used to do it fine.

Would anyone else on here be able to have a look at there temps / fan speed?

There isn't a file somewhere that sets the temperature Vs fan speed that I can get at with Quiexplorer is there?


It sounds as if it might be a physical problem rather than a software/firmware problem.

By that I mean the circuit that starts the fan in the 'off,low,high' setting does not appear to be switching when it receives the start signal from the temperature sensor.  That part of the circuit is not operational in the 'auto,low,high' setting.

The temperatures you are seeing are good for long life of the drives and, yes, 5 is much better than new drives and unless it is very dusty where your unit is installed you most probably won't need to pay that out for several years (we have a couple of DNS-323 boxes that are set that way and they have been running continuously since we bought them when they were first available, actual date lost in the mist of time).

Hi Ivan

Thanks for the reply again. Good to know that leaving it on Auto (Low/High) has been Ok for you in the long run. Since it is way out of warranty I may open it up to inspect the fan make sure it is chocked with dust, visually it looks ok but there may be something inside.



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