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DSN-1100-10 boot loop

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Startup ERROR: ICH_IOC_BLOCK_CREATE_DEVICE failed, errno = 84
Startup ERROR: Step 7 failed!

So there's the error. after that it starts a Bug Check, that fails, send reboot cmd and loops, over and over again.

What region are you located?
What FW version is currently loaded?
What Mfr model router is the SAN connected to?
Had a factory reset been performed with out the SAN being connected to a router? Have a static IP address assigned PC connected directly to the SAN to see if it recovers after a factory reset?

yeah, didn't get that far, no IP as the NIC does not initialize. was able to fix it by assigning a a static IP and telling it to pull boot loader and firmware from TFPT server.

Glad you got it working.
Enjoy.  ;)

im having the exact same problem ... can you give more detail of the step you have done ?

(i mean, i already have an tftp server up and running, i can acces my Dns1100-10 from the console port ...) but what are the command that you have inputed into your Dlink, and where did you download the bootloader and the firmware.

Hope that you can help me.

Thank you !


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