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Hi everyone,

I've just configured my wifi hotspot everything' working well BUT, i can't use a NTP serv to set the time, i have to set it manually, since we might have some electrical outage sometimes and i can't plug it to an oscillator so that's kinda problematic because i've set some schedule and obviously they don't work properly without a time conf.

I'm using the NTP server : 1.fr.pool.ntp.org with the french Time zone and my firmware version is the lastest i've found on the d-link website :

Thanks in advance !


What is the Mfr and model of the main host router or modem the DWL is connected to?

The DWL is connected to a firewall connected to a Livebox Business 210 from Orange, i have another wifi hotspot using a NTP by the way (Cisco hotspot with a default cisco NTP), i've tried the NTP you've already gived to another guy but it doesn't work neither (time-nist.gov).

Does the DWA NTP work with bypassing the firewall and connected to the Livebox?

I'm using this NTP (1.fr.pool.ntp.org) on my PC so it's not blocked by the firewall..


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