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D-link DCS-5220 for babymonitor


I thinking to buy a D-link DCS-5220http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=546 for using as a babymontior. Would this be a good choice?

Here are my needs:
* needs WiFi
* audio
* infrared for low light (primarily we want to keep an eye on him at night)
* decent quality video
* max 300a400
* must be able to view stream from internet/iPhone (either out of the box, or with additional software)  => is it possible to stream to a wifi photoframe of ipod touch?

I don't work with our cameras so the below is a best of my knowledge effort not the word of a deity of choice.

I don't believe the DCS-5220 does infrared.

As such the below is more general.

Internet viewing is generally much easier to get than iPhone streaming as there is usually an ActiveX control for our cameras.  That said I have heard rumours of a iPhone app that supports viewing most of our cameras.

The DCS-5220 is a pretty good camera for such a use since it supports RTSP streaming protocol and can be viewed in Quicktime or Real Player with is available on some mobile devices. This camera however does not support infrared. Another issue you may find is this that iPhone does not support RTSP streaming in the 3G network I have herd but you may need to look into this and as Fatman said there may be an app to get this working. You may want to look into the DCS-1130 as well which supports mydlink which is going to be a new feature which is all about home monitoring from the Internet.

What IP camera does have infrared?
Does a DCS-5220 need a lot of light for seeing in a babyroom?

Not a whole lot of light it needed it does have  0.5 Lux @ F2.0. Some of our cameras that do support an IR lens are the DCS-3410 and DCS-3420. The lens is sold separate from the camera.


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