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Add-on "Samba v.3.6.25" for D-Link NAS

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When i start SAMBA, my old users from default DLINK CIFS do not work anymore...
And when i try to create a new user through SWAT, i receive the following message "password change in demo mode rejected"

What can i do to fix this?


Hi all,

I try to bring this topic up again: Any solutions to the post of Guizzoni?
I also have the issue that SWAT is started in demo mode and I cannot access the NAS via Samba. It seems that the user management is partially taken from the initial setup via the firmware, but can then not be overridden in SWAT (as the demo mode is active).

Thanks a lot!
Kind regards,

Addon was created at the request of users. It performs the basic functions of SMB. I do not plan further development of the addon.

I know this topic is quite old but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this add-on. My "old" DNS-325 was no longer accessible from my brand new VERO 4k+. Problem solved thanks to your app. Thanks a lot.


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