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backup and restore


HI all,

I finally connected up my DIR-890L at my lake house yesterday after they switched me over to fiber from DSL.  It seems to be working really well although after setting it up I had to head back home. 

On my Netgear there was a way to save the configuration file.  That came in handy yesterday when my Netgear lost everything during the day when I was playing with switching routers.  Must have been something I did.  I had a backup so I restored it and all was good.  I looked all through the DIR-890L but don't see a place to do a backup and restore.  Am I missing it or is it not an option?  If no option for it there needs to be one.


Yes, under Management/System/System...

Thanks.  I had been in the Management area but didn't click on that System link.   :o


 ;) Enjoy.


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