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DIR-890L AC3200 (Already Released) vs DIR-895L AC5300 (Coming Soon)


I didn't see a forum for the upcoming DIR-895L  ???, so I figured this would be the next best place to post since it's the BIG KAHUNA of the recently released DIR-890L.

Just wondering if anyone is holding out for the DIR 895L?  I've been comparing the two routers and it looks like the major difference is faster wi-fi speeds / faster processor / two more antennas for the DIR-895L (and probably more "future-proofed"). 

I haven't decided if I'm going to purchase the DIR-890L or wait to get the DIR-895L.  I know this may sound crazy, but I plan using whichever one I purchase as an AP only right now.  I can't give up the 5500 and it's Streamboost technology (even thought the 5500 has seen it's "ups and downs" with firmware releases).  What I'm thinking is I'd turn off the wireless radios on the 5500 (thanks Furry for that suggestion), and continue to use the DIR-868L as an AP (second level of home) and use the DIR-890L / DIR-895L (future purchase) as an AP on the main level of our home (4200 sq. ft).

Any thoughts / suggestions / opinions? 

I presume only the main differences will be on the Wifi connection rates is all.

UI and most features will probably be around the same...

UI is based on the DIR-880L seen here:

The UI is more simplified and not as granular as the old UI so don't expect to see the same features or look as feel as the old UI.

Review the Emulator links for each model to see there perspective UIs.


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