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The App, DCH-S150 and DCS-935L - Many problems


First, my setup is:
1 DCS-935L (where is the forum for that unit?)
1 DCH-S150

Using mydink Home app 2.0.2 build 14 on Sony Xperia Go – not working very well, app crashes occasionally. Also using Samsung tab 2, on this unit the app (2.0.2 build 14) also crashes occasionally. Finally I am also using a IPad 3 (version 2.0.2 build 46) and on this controller I am missing a real full resolution app and not the app that is made for the IPhone.

The installation of the DCS-935L and DCH-S150 was not easy. On my Linksys E3200 WPS was not working with the units.

I have made a rule: DCH-S150 -> Notification, and this is working well but I cannot disable this rule on the two Android-units, get a “202 error”.
My intention buying the unit was pairing the two units so that the DCH-S150 could activate the DCS-935L and send me an image when the DCH-S150 detects ir-movements. However, a rule paring the two units is not working on any of my controllers:  On the Sony Xperia Go I can only choose making a notification as responder. The same is happening on the Samsung Tab. On the IPad I can choose the DCS-935L as responder and choose the “Camera Module” but I cannot click “next”.

My overall impression with the units: Not good, this system is simple not ready, will it ever be?

Can anyone help me with pairing the DCH-S150 and DCS-935L? In addition, can anyone help me with disabling rules/actions on the Android-units?



I just got a DCH-S160 (Water detector) and am having a similar issue.   I can turn on notification on my Iphone and get an alert when water is detected.  BUT I can't turn off notification for my cameras that have motion detection active.  (I must have motion detection on the cameras as I need it for the NVR to record on motion but I don't need to be notified of the motion).  I got email back from Dlink that said you can not turn off notification for cameras in MyDlink Home but you can in Mydlink Lite.   The issues is that I must use MyDlink home as mydlink lite does not handle the DCH-S160 .  My work around is to use a DSP-W215 to turn on a light when water is detected.  This triggers an email from a camera when "motion" is detected  This camera is in a location I use for intrusion detection so I don't mind getting one extra email.

Has anyone found a way to get email or notification from a DCH-S160 without messing up other notifications.



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