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Finding the firmware date

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Ehi there! ;D
Have you tried v1.01b09?
I'm looking for the firmware date displayed in the web configuration. Could you help me?
Thanks for your attention.
Greetings from Italy.

P.S. Added a thumbnail of your photo in the device news on our forum portal. I hope you will please.

Test results are in my review of the router.
Current version available for any region for this router is v1.00 currently.

Thank you for posting and sharing.

Until now the european market distribution has not started therefore we don't have a test unit yet.

So you don't intend to update your unit with the new firmware version even just to try it?

v1.00 was the version that came loaded on my router and is currently available. I don't test cross region FW as there are differences between my region and others.

Is there a different version of FW? I only see whats available currently for the NA region.

We have noticed that if there isn't any acronym after version number the firmware is world wide valid:

DSL-2740B F1 2.07 AU 20121008 -> Australia
DSL-2740B F1 2.06 NA 20121119 -> North America
DSL-2740B F1 2.06 EU 20140127 -> Europe

DAP-1350 A1 1.14 WW build 01 20120529 -> World Wide

DIR-865L A1 1.06 SHC build 07 20131106 -> StarHub Customers (Singapore)
DIR-865L A1 1.06 build 06 20131025 -> WW

DIR-880L A1 1.01 build 09 2014xxxx -> WW
DIR-880L A1 1.00 build 48 20140320 -> WW


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