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Drivers and software DLINK dub-t210 windows 8.1


Please, help me with this drivers... and the sofware...



* What region are you located?
This model is about 10 years old and was out of production before Windows 8 was released just last year. I presume that there may not be any drivers for Windows 8 since D-Link stopped development a long time ago. I recommend that you do a search on the web for "t210" using a search engine to see if they maybe some after market or 3rd party drivers available for windows 7 or 8. 7 Driver maybe compatible in some cases with Windows 8 or find you an updated tuner device that is recent and has up to date supporting drivers for Windows 8. You could build you a PC that is compatible with the last working drivers and OS platform. I presume XP was? Could keep a XP PC on duty if you really need this unit to work.

Good Luck.


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