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Live stream from DCS-2120


Hi. I am trying to stream live from my DCS-2120 to my HTC Touch Diamond, so I can see what my cats are up to, and are having some troubles.

The stream are in the format rtsp://ip-adresse/live.sdp with user authentication. The problem is, that I am unable to disable user authentication without also disabling password to setup program and I am not interested in that!. The program I am using on my Diamond is Coreplayer, and Coreplayer is not supporting user authentication (I get the error “unauthorized request”), but will stream ok over 3G if user authentication is disabled on my DCS-2120.

What I would like to know, is it possible to give any arguments to the stream like this 
rtsp://ip-adresse/live.sdp user=henry password=1111
to bypass the authentication dialog box. If not does anybody know another program that runs on a Diamond that supports the user dialog box?

BTW It works perfect in the free Realplayer for windows on my Acer aspire netbook over 3G
Update: I must must make an apointment with my optician next week, i have disabled it now i overlooked it in the setup, now it works


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